Saturday, April 30, 2016


When I was transitioning from high school to college I became very interesting in philosophy and I found a passage from one of my favorite philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche that became very close to me and something that I held in the back of my head,
"What does the self-renouncer do? He strives after a higher world, he wants to fly longer and further and higher than all men of affirmation - he throws away many things that would impede his flight, and several things among them that are not valueless"

What I got from this is that I need to focus on what will propel me along in life and get rid of the things which will be in my way,  They may be good things, like friends, family, and joy from doing things that make the heart swell, however they do at the end of the day impede the flight. These things are very important indeed but they sacrifice from the main goal and that is to fly higher than those around themselves. To me the quote can come off as lofty and rather dark as the philosopher is suggesting sacrificing many things that are good and necessary to the person. One can look at this however that these are the toll one pays, so that one may become a success in the light they have decided for themselves. For me I need to remember to stay true to this "self renouncing" and make sure that I stay true to my goal.

"With this effect, however, which he makes upon us he is well content: he wants to keep concealed from us his desire, his pride, his intention of flying above us. Yes! He is wiser than we thought, and so courteous towards us this affirmer! For that is what he is, like us, even in his self-renunciation." - Friedrich Nietzsche 

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