Thursday, January 14, 2016

What are our responsibilities to each other when we blog? Do we have responsibilities to others when we communicate?

One can sit in the silent solitude of their room and transcribe what thoughts and experience ones notices throughout their day into a small little journal that one hides under their pillow at night. Experiences and ideas that transports the reading into the mind of the author. A chance to delve into the idiocies of the subject and reveals what cognitive functions and preconceived notions makes the subject what they are.

What blogging does to the author is bring these reflective moments of solitude into the public domain and allows their innermost thoughts and ideas to seep into media where the process of writing is not only active but is also reactionary. People can be exposed to what ideas and realities that lie within ones head. It allows the reader to meet the author and the author meets them in return. Blogging allows the reader to step into another persons "reality tunnel", a reality in which ones dwells equipped with their own preconceived notions and understanding of the world which in turn shapes the direction of their moment to moment experience. As a person reading a blog the reader has a chance to break out of their personal "reality tunnel" and see what another person can see. A type of inter-subjectivity mediated by the technology of blogging.

As stated earlier, a persons blog in essence is a manifestation of the subjective reality the author dwells in. As such it is important to come to the realization that the reader has the duty of being a fly on the window, to peer into a person see how they see. I believe there is a duty to the reader to approach a blog with a sense of humility.