Monday, May 2, 2016

Last of the Finals

As of today all my finals are complete and effectively, my time as a freshmen at Lewis University is complete. All I await now is to make a couple of revisions to a college writing portfolio and packup and head on home. To be honest it still has  not hit me yet with the year being over as there is always more work to be done here before I leave. Once I return home I have one days rest followed by starting work, beginning to follow a strict workout regiment. This part of my summer will last me a few weeks. Once a couple of weeks pass I'll take a vacation to visit my grandparents down in Missouri. Lewis airport is having a fly in pancake breakfast at the airport on campus so I intend to visit there with my grandfather then fly down with him to Missouri to spend time with them for a spell. After awhile I will fly back on the airlines and begin to take calculus classes over the summer at JJC and do research for the chemical physics department here at Lewis. It will be a good time I say. It shall be a busy summer but ultimately it will be a productive one that will lead me to becoming a better person and allow me a greater capacity to strive for excellence in the following fall. Summer will not necessarily be a break but a break from the regular grind and a time spent doing things that aren't simply academic. Freshman year is in the books.