Wednesday, April 27, 2016

College Finals

So glad to be finally more or less done with learning material and I can finally focus on studying for the finals. A part of the schooling process I am not a fan of is doing a massive amount of homework when in reality I simply need to sit down and look over the material. With homework having impending deadline it becomes a pain because instead of doing what I actually need to do to know the material I have to get the crap out of the way so I have time to work on the real meat and potatoes of what I have to do. Hopefully in the future with my next semester having larger spans of downtime, I can get my homework done more efficiently and then I'll have time to simply look over my material. Next semester will be better than the previous, that I have no doubt about. It comes down to simply trying to get over this remaining hump that is finals, and then surviving my summer college schedule. I look forward for the summer however, I think my schedule will work out in a way that will college me and allow myself to grow. Not only in the area of schooling, but I'll have a more balanced lifestyle.

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