Saturday, April 30, 2016

Find Something Your Great At

Ever since I went to an event at the aviation department last Monday, the gears in my head have been turning. This was one of the first times I got a chance to look into the aviation department at my time here at Lewis and actually see other people in the field. What brought me to the event was world renown air show pilot Patty Wagstaff came out to talk to the school and tell some stories. What I came away from that event and what she talked about was that you need to find something that your good at for people to notice you, from there the opportunities start to open up. This got me thinking whether or not physics was the right path for me to be on or not. What it came down to was the fact that mathematics is not my strong suit and I wanted to make sure I was not wasting my time with a field that I would never be great at because my strengths do not lay in the field. What I am coming to find however is that you have to build your strengths up to where they need to be so that you can be the best in the field. Aviation I feel I simply have a head start because I have been surrounded by aviation since I was a kid. Science is something that is new to me and something that I necessarily have not taken to naturally. so it becomes important for me to begin to work on these skills more so that I am achieve the same level of fluency that I do with my interesting in aviation. Once I become good at science and mathematics I think that then my interest in the field will grow and I can really succeed in the field.

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