Thursday, April 28, 2016

Finals Week

With finals week almost upon us, I have to wonder how this process will go, its starting to become apparent what my schedule for finals has all my finals on Monday. This is going to be either a blessing or a curse, which, I do not know yet. It will be nice to have everything done on the first day of the week but at the same time though its going to be hell taking 3 finals on the same day. I do think I'll be able to manage however. My first final which is chemistry, is a multiple choice scan-tron test which I do not think will be very terrible. The next exam of calculus which is 30 minutes after the first one will be something that is going to take all of my effort, but if I can maintain a level of rest and focus after the first exam I shall be ok. The final exam I'll have one Monday is general physics II which I am not worried about. Our professor promised us that the final can only help us, not hurt us, so it appears to me that this final with be a low priority compared to calc or chemistry. To have all my finals done by 3 PM on Monday will allow me to pack everything up and have plenty of time to work on correcting any writing assignment portfolio which are due Wednesday. By only having that to do, after Monday everything else will be easy.

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