Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Calculus Issues

Currently as I sit my worst class is calculus 2. I can say without a doubt that calculus is something that I don't understand and gives me many annoyances. The good part though is that other than calculus I tend to get either As and Bs in everything else I do, so it helps to balance out the hit I will be getting from the calc class. We shall see however, if I keep working at it I should be able to get past this calculus 2 class. My teacher has done a lot to see that we will be in a good position to pass the class with the finals coming and what not. She has dropped a load of bad grades and even made it where we can do extra work and get our lowest grade on the quizzes to be brought up to a 100% which no doubt will help me out with the class. I simply want to pass the class so that I have more options in the future. I am already retaking Calc 1 and it is nearly impossible to find a calc 2 class in the second semester of the summer. Because of this issue I want to pass it now so that I can get what I need to get done in the summer so that I may be able to continue on my track.

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